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Katie's Success Story

Katie’s Success Story

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Age: 19 - 30 Member since: End of July 2011 Goal: Long term goal to lose 46 kgs. Start Date: August 2011 Goal completion date: As soon as reasonably possible


Accountability and maintaining motivation is the biggest problem for Katie. She had joined gyms in the past and only ended up going a few times before quitting.


Katie set herself a massive long term goal to lose 46 kgs.  Thankfully Katie has found Northern Arena to be a second home.  “I have tried many gyms before and ended up going a few times then never again. I am so happy with Northern Arena.” Katie, along with the support from her husband set herself a goal to do 3-4 group fitness classes a week with 3 being the absolute minimum.  She found the combination of Les Mills BodyCombat and BodyVive with Zumba and Sh’Bam every now and again most rewarding.  Not only does she enjoy the classes but she has found the support of the Northern Arena friendly staff in particular Nesha, Carol and Denise to have contributed to her achievements so far. Katie felt she needing to tone and strengthen her muscles and since the beginning of 2012 Katie has felt more confident to use the gym and has added our BodyPump, CXWorx combo on top of her usual routine.

Goal summary:

Katie is nearly half way to her goal.  It has not been easy, Katie sustained an injury but was determined not to let this get in her way. “As of March 31st 2012 I have lost 21 kgs, I’m am feeling fitter and loving be able to get out and about and enjoy life more comfortably.”  An absolutely amazing achievement so far! Katie is overwhelmed with people commenting on the change in her appearance with lots of people describing her efforts as inspirational.  However Katie is very humble about her achievements and is not getting carried away.  She is simply looking forward to completing the second half of her goal. “I’d like to pay tribute to Nesha, Carol and Denise for all their hard work and support getting me where I am today.  It is the instructors, not just the classes” Keep up the good work Katie!