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David's Success Story

David’s Success Story

David Before


Age: 31 - 40 Member since: May 2011 Goal: To get his body weight below 80kgs and run the Auckland Half Marathon in under two hours. Start Date: May 2011 Goal completion date: End of October 2011


David had to overcome his own admissions of laziness.  It had been 17 years since he’d done any aerobic activity with the exception of being a goalkeeper for indoor soccer.  Last time he weighed himself he was 98 kgs. He estimated when he began he was over 100 kgs


David set himself a regime of going to at least 4 group fitness classes per week to lose weight and build a base level of fitness.  He began by doing a mixture of BodyAttack and BodyCombat classes throughout the week “I found that for me, BodyAttack was the best class for weight loss and fitness improvement as it was high intensity, a great cardio workout and also great fun.” He kept up the weekly regime until early August when he began to train for the half Marathon by running on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons. “By early September my weight was down to around 85 kgs” By then his fitness had dramatically improved and he began doing BodyCircuit classes on Tuesday (along with BodyCombat) to increase his fitness further and assist with additional weight loss. By early October his weight was down to 80 kgs!! “I also started doing BodyPump a couple of times a week as I was happy that I had shed the additional weight I had hoped for and I also wanted to build some core strength for the half marathon.” “I ran the Auckland Half Marathon on 30 October 2011 in a time of 1:52:13 so was comfortably under my two hour target and I also ran the entire distance without walking or stopping” During his training David set an additional goal to run the entire 21 kms without walking or stopping which he also managed to achieve.

Post Goal summary:

In the seven months he dropped from a 42” waist to 34” and changed from extra large shirts to medium.  He lost 25 kgs in fat whilst offsetting some weight with muscle gain.  He did all this without making any significant dietary changes, only ensuring he ate breakfast.  David has set himself a new goal  of keeping his body weight below 80kgs and also building some upper body muscle to improve his physique.  He is doing this by engaging in two to three BodyPump classes a week and often doubles up classes to get the most out of my workouts by doing a BodyAttack and BodyPump combination. “I find that the Group Fitness classes are always a great workout and good fun and the instructors are all very professional and do their best to make the classes enjoyable for everybody whilst also pushing participants to give that little bit more”. “I currently weigh 78 kgs and my physique is the best it has ever been in my 38 years.”