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Clean and Lean

Northern Arena members are Clean and Lean

Northern Arena is creating a health and fitness movement on the Hibiscus Coast. With 1 in 3 people overweight or obese in New Zealand and diet related diseases increasing every year, Northern Arena has decided enough is enough and have come up with a free members challenge to encourage healthier lifestyles and families in our community. This challenge is run by Northern Arena staff members; Nutritionist Kali Brydon and Fitness expert and group fitness manager Kelly Howarth. The team has paired up to run this challenge with the hope of “inspiring people to make changes to live healthier and longer lives”. The challenge is based around a whole food approach eating real foods that our ancestors would have eaten. “Anything that comes in a packet- throw it away” The goal for the challenge was to get around 150 members signed up and making healthier life choices, so the girls were completely blown away by the response of over 375 participants and believes it goes to show how much demand there is for nutrition advice and weight loss. This challenge is free to Northern Arena members to encourage as many people as they can to get involved. The weekly weigh in, Facebook support group and emails have been key for keeping members accountable. The first 2 weeks weigh ins were collated on Friday last week and a collective 512kg has been lost so far in the first 2 weeks of the challenge. The goal for the 6 weeks is to lose 1500kgs together. Kali and Kelly say this is a big but achievable goal and are both looking forward to the next 4 weeks. Northern Arena #changinglives in your community.