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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

1 hour a week. That is all we ask…… All we ask to not only see improvements in your balance and flexibility but also the well-being of recharging your mind and body.

It's understandable that some of you feel like Yoga and Body Balance are not a top priority in your fitness regime but they sure as hell should be! Yes there is 'Shanti Shanti' and a bit of 'Namaste' and also a quiet 7 minutes relaxation at the end to clear your thoughts, some of you are so quick to dismiss these classes but in this busy world it is IMPORTANT to refocus and de-stress all of US!

I am sure I have that “rushing women’s syndrome” because with 3 kids, a family and a full time job I am like many others who come into Northern Arena looking to improve or maintain my health and well-being.  Around 4 weeks ago I took up Wednesday night Yoga, as I am the most inflexible person out there and what a difference this has made.  Putting that hour into my calendar and committing I have seen not only flexibility and balance benefits, but also hooking into my soul and mind and I love it.  I was one of around 6 new people at the class and was scared as hell – but the calming voice and knowledge of the lovely Daphne made the experience one I will definitely come back to.

Other benefits scientifically:

  • Yoga has moderate effects on physical fitness (strength, cardio-respiratory function) and function (balance, walking speed) in older adults (Roland et al, 2011). 

  • Yoga is beneficial at reducing stress.  It is effective in treating emotional-stress related conditions when compared with mindful exercises such as qigong and tai chi (Chong, 2011). 

Please take the time to invest in you and give yourself a bit of me time!  Again you won’t be disappointed.

For more information on our Les Mills Body balance and Yin & Vinyasa Yoga then visit here


Kelly x

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