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Workout At Home - Tabata

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Short and Sharp Cardio bursts of 20 secs High (work) and 10 secs Low (rest). Just the way I like it! Do each block 5 times…i.e set a timer for 10 intervals 20 secs high and 10 sec low - alternating the exercises. Once complete move to Block two This workout combines power strength cardio all wrapped in one to get the heart rates high! Remember you can tailor the exercises and substitute out what you like. Always add weights if you want to make it less plyo and more strength based. Block one 1. Rebound Squat jump 2. Bolt Push up Block two 1. Prisoner Lunge 2. Surfer Burpee Block three 1. Air Jack 2. Switch Climber Push up Block four 1. Shuffle block jump 2. Plank Jack Block five 1. CTF Burpees 2. Sprints


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