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Workout At Home - Power vs Speed

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

This circuit was designed to power up your big muscle groups in the first 30 seconds and then finish them with short sharp fast movements in the second for your cardio kicker.

Set your timer for 10 rounds 30 secs of work 5 sec rest.

Each block of 2 exercises should be done alternatively.

For example Squat Jump then Speed Ladder then back to Squat Jump.

You will need to reset your timer for each block.

Rest for one minute in between.

2 exercises / 30 sec work 5 sec rest / 10 ALT rounds

• Squat Jump

• Speed Ladder

• Curtsey Lunge

• Jump Lunge

• Bolt Push Up

• Mountain Climber

• Lateral Squat Jump

• Skaters

• CTF Burpees

• Sprints

Enjoy this!


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