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Workout At Home - Athletic Workout

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

This workout has a strong focus on Plyometric explosive moves. Try to focus on doing with the moves with range and make every rep counts. Set your timer for 35 secs High and 5 secs low, 10 intervals. If you want more cardio take a run down the driveway in between sets. Repeat 2-3 times depending on how you are feeling. 10 exercises/ 35 secs/4 complete circuits 1. Speed Ladder 2. Rebound Squat Jump 3. Bolt Push up 4. Press Scissor Lunge 5. Jump Jack/Air Jack 6. In out Press up 7. CTF Burpee 8. Tuck Jump 9. Switch climber Push up 10. Sprints This will give you a massive burn. Adjust where necessary and add weight if you choose.


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