Why it's important to mix up your workouts

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

The change in seasons is the perfect time to explore a new fitness regime.  We have such a cool, diverse range of classes and activities to take you out of your comfort zone and re-energise your training programmes.

Here’s why it is so important to mix it up:

  • Avoid Fitness Plateau

Nobody wants their fitness workouts to become ineffective and at times doing the same weekly classes/activities can see you burning calories but not maximizing your metabolism. Adding in one different class i.e GRIT, Pump, Circuit or F2 Base can turn your body into more of a fat burning machine.

  • Repair and rest of your greatest asset – your body

If you do the same intensive schedule week in week out it will increase your chances of burnout and injury. Try to give yourself one rest day and also add in ONE Body Balance or Yoga class weekly. This will not only increase your muscle flexibility but calm the mind from the madness of your busy lives. 

  • Outright Boredom 

We all know it but if you don’t revive your regime every 3 months there is a strong chance your motivation to attend will plummet. A new programme means you have a chance to train in a different environment and also meet a new crew who you may love to train with. Get excited about exercising again! Here at Northern,  I try hard to keep programming as fresh as possible i.e the intro of the new Functional Training room which caters to every level and really maximises inner strength. Book in for one of our new Gym Programmes and one of the lovely team will sit down and assess what you could try to get you training smarter this winter.

To get a taster for mixing it up - make sure you book into the latest Les Mills release MEGA LAUNCH party on Thursday 9 June starting at 6pm. Head over to our timetable to book your spot! Kelly x

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