Splash Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Swimming is a great low impact full body workout!

It can be a very intensive activity due to the breathing challenges that all swimmers face, so it pays to start in short distances and do a few short distance swims to get started. You can then increase your distance over time.

Due to the clocks and measured distances, it’s really easy for you to keep track of your improvement.

I always love to see new swimmers trying out the sessions and the pools! People seem to be nervous about being judged on their swimming. Swimmers love to see new people giving it a go, we like to help by giving tips where we can to make it easier and faster. Swimming is a difficult activity, if it was easy then I wouldn’t have a job.

Make sure you ask our knowledgeable Swim Fit coaching team for any assistance or advice you need - They are there to help.

Happy swimming!

- Dean Kent


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