Seven Steps To Eating Well

Do you feel like you are always telling yourself that you need to start eating better? Well... Winter Wellness month is the perfect time to make those changes...

  1. Create a healthy routine around meals and food prep. Whether it's a simple shopping list that you stick to during your weekly shop or a weekly meal plan to plan out what meals and recipes you will use for the week ahead. Prepping snacks and meals for your week ahead in the weekend or on a Monday night will also help you eat better. Make lots of roast vegetables, big salads, soups, slow cooked meals, boiled eggs, frittatas or other foods that you can divide up and use as meals throughout the week.

  2. Remove junk food from your home. If it's not there you won't eat it. Make sure you have a good stock of healthy snack options on hand such as; fruit, bliss balls, leftovers, eggs, cold meats, cheeses and nuts.

  3. Focus on healthy eating. Instead of thinking about the foods you are trying to avoid rather focus on the foods you want to eat more of, research new recipes and ways to eat those foods and get inspired about healthy eating.

  4. Find healthy alternatives. Eating healthy does not necessarily mean boycotting all the places you like to eat at. You can still eat at most of your usual places but you may need to switch up your order. For example, at Japanese instead of ordering teriyaki chicken which is full of sugar you could try a chicken dish with a more natural sauce or no sauce, or, at breakfast - have the big breakfast without the toast etc. Don't be afraid to ask to customise your order.

  5. Identify and change habits. Think about the habits you have that lead to unhealthy eating and make an effort to stop. This could be at work where there is a lolly jar, biscuit tin or getting a chocolate bar every time you go to the petrol station.

  6. Start off slow. If soft drink is your thing, start off by stopping during the week, then only on Sunday's and then not at all. Small consistent changes are more likely to be sustainable than giving up everything at once.

  7. Eat the cake - sometimes. It is important that you don't completely feel deprived when trying to eat healthy so enjoy a treat every now and again. Make sure that your treat is one or two biscuits and not a whole packet and every now and again is once a week not every day.Wherever you are in your journey to eat healthier, remember to still be kind and that we are human. Simply eating more vegetables every day or choosing the salad instead of fries when you are out will all help with eating better. Keep at it, you are doing better than you think! By Kali Grey BSC Human Nutritionist

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