How To Programme Your Ideal Workout Week

Take a look back over your past 4 weeks – Have you come consistently to the gym? Has each week looked similar to the last? Do you attend the same classes, at the same time every week?

Maybe you struggle to find a rhythm or stay on track for one week, but fall off the bandwagon the next? It’s no secret, planning is the best way to stay accountable. Accountability trains consistency. Consistency earns us results.

Let’s take a look at some tips on planning your ideal workout week to fast track smashing your goals.

  • Incorporate different styles of training: A mixture of cardio, strength and flexibility training is proven to deliver the best results.

  • Varying your training not only eliminates boredom- it keeps your body stimulated! Light intensity, moderate intensity and high intensity training should be included in a well-rounded exercise regime. Doing too much of the same exercise over an extended period of time can lead to a plateau in results.

  • Plan in your rest days- Rest days are a super important part of an effective workout regime. Take a rest day after you’ve done a big training session- Give your body a chance to recover in preparation to smash for your next gym session.

  • Be specific when planning! Have a page in your diary or a programme stuck on the fridge – exact days, times, places and plan of EXACTLY what you are going to train. The more specific the better. You are more likely to be consistent with your training if you have set days and times to commit to.

  • Simplicity is key! Especially if you are new to programming your workouts, quality is best over quantity. Choose one day to do a cardio workout, another to do a weights resistance based workout and a day to stretch or roll out. Add classes to your schedule or meet up with a friend and do a workout together. Focus on enjoying your workouts rather than making them a chore.

  • Don’t neglect areas of training. Rotate workouts to target lower body, upper body and core to make sure your entire body is benefiting from your exercise.

Here’s an example of what your week could look like:


6:15pm -60 minutes of Body Attack, followed by 20 minutes of total body stretches and lower body foam rolling


4:30pm -45 minute walk on Orewa Beach with my partner & dog


6:30am -45 minute weights based gym workout- lower body focus with quads, glutes and hamstring exercises




5:30am -30 minute Grit Strength class followed by 15 minutes of core exercises and 10 minutes of total body stretching


10am -45 minutes weights based gym workout- upper body focus with back, shoulders, chest and arm exercises



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