Definitely Not Fake

There is a post going around on social media that says, you are what you eat so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake. I will try to show you how you might still be fast, cheap and easy but definitely not fake.

Every few years our body rebuilds itself, literally (some cells are much faster than this, and others are a bit slower but this is a good ballpark figure). Cells are turned over, new ones are built and unfortunately the carbon copies tend to start degenerating, hence why we look older. There are a number of factors that come into play here, but what you eat is certainly one of them. I liken it to building a house out of terrible materials; it may look okay for a while but eventually...

We are bombarded by fast food and it is everywhere.

When I was a child the only fast food outlets where I grew up (Invercargill was a bustling metropolis) were the fish and chip shop and KFC. I remember going to KFC about once a year and we probably had fish and chips a couple of times a year. For many, fast foods are now consumed once or even a couple of times a week. Some choices are okay (I use okay very loosely), some simply aren't at all. I'm not going to apologise for being straight up, our obsession with fast food is going to kill us. Please become more aware of what you are putting in your mouth from each and every fast food place you may frequent. 99% of them have their nutritional information online, read it and start comparing it to meals that you can prepare fast at home.

Cheap, cheap, cheap, I hate that food that is nutrient absent is cheaper than the whole, natural, fresh alternative. I frequently see children chowing down on a pie and coke because it's a $2.50 deal at the dairy. They probably do feel fuller than if they had full fat yoghurt and a banana which come in at a similar price but what is the long term cost to their health and well-being. Furthermore, many of the comparisons to nutrient absent versus nutrient dense foods are done on fruit and vegetables that aren't in season; meaning that the perception is created that it is really expensive to eat healthily (there are a plethora of books with great cheap whole food recipes) but if you eat local, eat fresh, eat in season, it need to not cost the earth.

Fast- what is faster than peeling a banana, an orange, carrot, potato etc. Whole food is fast especially when you eat it as nature intended. And there are many things you can do each week to make it faster. If you have to, prepare vegetables in advance in bulk lots and store in the fridge, cook bigger meals and freeze for nights/days you know you are time poor. Jamie Oliver even has a whole book on 15 minute meals and I think that is pretty fast.

Fake should be avoided at all costs unless it is a fake tan. They get the thumbs up so long as you are still getting your fix of vitamin D each and every day. Fake food on the other hand you know the stuff it's chock full of ingredients you can't pronounce and numbers and manufactured in a lab somewhere to taste like the real thing should be avoided at all costs. So do a cupboard clean out, start to take stock of what you put in your mouth and cut the fake and give yourself a real chance of feeling vital and vibrant each and every day.

By Kali Brydon BSC Human Nutritionist

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