Deep Squat Stretch

This is a great stretch for opening up through your hips, inner thighs and calves as well as releasing tension through the lower back. Being able to deep squat will greatly decrease your chance of lower back pain and help you maintain great range of motion in many of your major joints. ...read more Young toddlers and children can usually perform this stretch perfectly. If you have pre-existing injury concerns make an appointment with one of our PT team or physio today and get your body back on track.

Stage One:

Shoes off, stand with your feet shoulder width apart (the wider the stance the easier to begin with) toes slightly turned out next to a stable object that you can hang on to.

Stage Two:

Squat down until you are completely relaxed, letting all the tension out of your back and letting your torso rest between, but not supported by, your thighs. Your heels remain on the floor and your knees should track over your second toe.

Stage Three:

If you can do this without holding onto anything, that’s great. You can put your hands into prayer position and use your elbows to gently press against the inside of your knees and lengthen your back. (option) If you are too tight in the ankles, knees, butt or low back, you can hold onto a stable object so that you can completely relax. (option)

Gently move your weight a little back and forth between the balls of your feet and the heels and think of dropping the tailbone towards the floor. Hold the stretch for at least one minute.

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