6 Reasons You May Not See Results

You eat a well-balanced diet, stay active and look after your health- why do your results not match your lifestyle? The answer to seeing better results from your efforts may be simpler than you first thought. Your health and well-being is just like a house: without all four walls, the floor and a roof- the house will not stand tall and strong. It is important that all aspects of your well-being are aligned in order for your body to show the results of your hard work.


Beauty sleep is important- especially when hitting your fitness goals. The bodies’ recovery process not only comes from fueling with quality nutrition choices, but also ample rest. A lack of sleep can put a halt on your results by causing mood swings, a bigger appetite for higher calorie foods and an increase in the release of stress hormones into our body. Aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep per night to avoid sabotaging your diet and training.


Stress is the silent thief of your ideal balanced lifestyle. Physical, emotional, financial- whatever the cause, it has the same negative effects internally. Avoid overtraining, avoid toxic relationships and negative thoughts. Stress causes the release of the hormone “Cortisol”. Cortisol can cause weight gain, over eating, digestion issues, raised blood pressure, lowered immune function, sleep disruption, decreased bone density- need I list more?! Yoga, Meditation, Deep Breathing, Bush Walks, Relaxation: the sooner you add these into your regime the better.


You’ve heard it 100 times, we’ll say it again. Are you drinking enough water? Times your weight by 0.33 and divide by 10- that is how many litres per day you should consume. Add on 1 litre for every hour of exercise completed. If you aren’t hydrated, your body cannot perform at its highest level.


Is the food you eat going to nourish and fuel your body? Or is it for temporary pleasure? Shift your diet focus to match your goals. Real, wholesome, nutrient-rich foods over artificial, “low calorie” fake foods. Make sure your gut health is in check- a healthy outside starts from within.


Your hormones are the concrete foundations of your health. You cannot have a strong, steady house without a solid foundation. If you suspect your hormones may be unbalanced, seek professional advice in order to get back on track.


One bad meal won’t ruin your results, just like one healthy meal won’t automatically make you look like an Olympic Athlete. Be patient, give yourself time to actually COMMIT 100% to a healthy lifestyle. Results take time. Take photos, record measurements, test your strength, take note of how you are feeling. Focus on small achievements and progression to give you the motivation required not to throw in the towel.

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