5 Way's To Improve Your Child's Diet

1. Whole fruit rather than fruit pouches, jellies or juices. What can be more convenient than a piece of fruit? Its ready to eat, prepackaged and is the perfect combination of macro and micronutrients including fibre to give your child as a snack or part of their lunch. There will never be any added sugar, colours, flavours or preservatives so you know exactly what your child is eating. Whole, real food just the way nature intended, in its finest form.

2. Water. Our bodies are 80% water and we need it for almost every biochemical reaction that goes on in our body, so guess what happens when we don’t drink it? Kids can have cognitive impairment and find it hard to concentrate in school when they are dehydrated. Water has no sugar, no colours, additives or flavours and it is the best thing you can drink to hydrate.

3. Change up breakfast and avoid cereals. Did you know that even rice bubbles and cornflakes have added sugar? You have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so its time to start treating it that way and not just grabbing the nearest/easiest option. Mornings are usually rushed so its important to be prepared for breakfast. Instead of reaching for sugary cereals try eggs (hard boiled the night before and mashed on toast), an omelette or a smoothie, and give your child a nutritious start to their day.

4. Swap the potato chips for plain popcorn for a healthier lunchbox filler.

5. Ditch the processed lunch box foods. Muesli bars, Le Snack, potato chips, biscuits can be substituted for real food alternatives such as boiled eggs, vegetables sticks, fruit, cold meats such as ham, chicken or salmon, cheese sticks, mini frittatas, cold sausages and fruit kebabs.

By Kali Brydon BSC Human Nutritionist

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