5 Reasons To Exercise In Winter

Lost your exercise mojo? Just in case you needed more motivation to hit the gym today – here are our 5 reasons to get moving over the winter months!

1) Summer bodies are made in Winter

We’ve all been there before – the colder months encourage us to stock up on comfort foods and stay indoors rugged up on the couch. Next thing you know the weather warms up and you’re left a little self-conscious when it’s time to hit the beach. Do the future you a favour and keep active through the colder months so you can jump into summer feeling confident!

2) Exercise increases Immunity

Did you know that exercise can help you skip out on the winter flu? Regular exercise teamed with a balanced diet has been proven to increase the production of macrophages, which are cells that attack the kinds of bacteria that can trigger upper respiratory diseases.

3) Keep warm without all the extra layers

You can’t deny that the fastest way to get warm is a good HIIT session! Finish your workout sweaty, red faced and fatigued – but at least you’ll be toasty!

4) Beat the winter blues

During the colder, windier and rainier months it’s totally natural to feel the winter blues! A daily workout helps to release feel-good, de-stress brain chemicals and helps ease depression.

5) Beat your excuses & create a habit

It’s not hard finding excuses to avoid exercise during winter – what IS hard is trying to get back into good habits once they’re broken! It might be a challenging task, but make it your goal to stay active and ignore the excuses your mind may come up with. Regular exercise and healthy nutrition are easier to achieve once they become a habit!

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