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Dealing With Injuries

At some point all of us will feel a little niggle or pinch after or during exercise.

Listen to your intuition

You know your body! If you are feeling a slight niggle throughout your workout you may need to take a longer warm up at the start. If it is a sharp pain, that is cause to stop and in some cases seek a physio.

Timing under tension

If you are coming back from injury or a niggle it is best to do your exercises slow and with control. This will activate your muscles and protect your joints. Remember it is YOUR workout and everybody’s journey through exercise is different. You are in it for the long haul and will be able to increase intensity and speed as you strengthen these muscles. Have a regular yoga or flexibility practice

Having a regular yoga practice can not only keep you limber to help prevent injuries but it also provides more body awareness so that you become more attuned to what is working, what is tight, what is out of balance etc. Take time off when you need it

I can't stress enough how important it is to rest and heal when you have an injury. If you don't let an injury fully heal, it may keep cropping up and nagging at you or can put you out of commission for good. Cross train and strength train

Transform is about stripping the fat and increasing your fitness. Once you are feeling good, its time to cross train into strength training. We need to build those muscles that are supporting those joints and instead of only participating in one mode of exercise that can cause overuse injuries and muscle imbalances, be sure to switch up your training. Try a Grit Strength, or grab a PT Strength Programme to see further results.

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