Occupational Causes of Foot Pain

Occupational Causes of Foot Pain

Hibiscus Podiatry offers on site podiatry service and has treated employees whose occupations require certain footwear or extended periods of time on their feet.

High Heels

We understand that high heels are an essential part of women’s lives. While high heels are not entirely the main problem when it comes to sore feet, they often create a lot of issues. Discomfort from high heels occurs due to increased force applied to the front of the foot. This leads to the formation of callus (hard skin) and corns. This extra pressure can also then increase the risk of:
  • Hammer toes
  • Claw toes
  • Bunions
  • Mortons neuroma (nerve entrapment)
Not everyone wearing high heels will develop problematic feet but if any issues arrive consider a podiatry appointment to treat or manage these conditions.

Work Boots

A correct and comfortable work boot is critical during a long day at work. There used to be condition years ago called “Police foot”. This was a heel pain, caused by the boots they wore that were stiff hard boots. While this condition is easily fixed by orthotics, today’s boots do offer better comfort and cushioning, supporting the ankles and utilise fibreglass toe protection instead of steel cap.

Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces lead to our arches falling and our feet pronating. Mid soles the cushioning part of shoes are generally constructed of a type of EVA material. Cheaper shoes general have bits cut out of the midsole and can last between 3 weeks to 3 months before they start to lose their cushioning. If you are standing for long periods on an unforgiving surface such as concrete cheaper or less cushioned footwear will significantly affect your feet. Overall, if you are spending hours and hours on your feet at work, look after them so that you can continue pain free at work.

What can Hibiscus Podiatry do?

We can advise and assess shoes at Hibiscus podiatry to ensure they are adequate and offering the correct support. If you have any questions you can call, email or drop in for a quick chat.