Occupational Causes of Foot Pain

Occupational Causes of Foot Pain Hibiscus Podiatry offers on site podiatry service and has treated employees whose occupations require certain footwear or extended periods of time on their feet. High Heels We understand that high heels are an essential part of women’s lives. While high heels are not entirely the main problem when it comes to sore feet, they often create a lot of issu […]

Knee Pain

Knee pain The human body is designed to withstand long periods of standing and walking along a straight line, therefore activities that involve turning, side and stop-start movements, like netball, hockey, football, even zumba classes, create shearing forces and grinding within the knee. These repetitive forces or trauma can create knee pain. Because of this, the muscles around the kne […]

Shin Splints

Shin Splints ‘Shin splints’ is an umbrella name, not a diagnosis for pain along and around the shin bone known as the tibia. The proper name for this condition is ‘tibial stress syndrome’ and is a result of overload or a traumatic blow to the leg. Common Tibial Stress syndrome differential diagnoses: Tibialis posterior dysfunction: Occurs due to overloading of the muscle and tendon d […]

Winter Sport Shoes

Winter Sport Shoes Winter sports are starting to get underway and this generally means a change in footwear. We often think of rugby boots, but there are many types including football, hockey, skiing and snowboarding boots. As a general rule these types of footwear are like a flat board sitting on top of sprigs or on top of skis and snowboards. Taking away that slightly raised heel put […]


Socks Socks. They have to be the only piece of clothing given virtually no consideration when being purchased. In fact most of us tend to pick up a bunched lot of three or six from a bargain bin we happen to pass while out looking for something else. We now understand the effect of socks that are not ideally constructed. What problems can arise from the socks I have? The material use […]


Warts Warts are a tumour or growth of the skin, called a verruca. They can appear anywhere on the body and generally cause no problems or pain. Sometimes verruca in highly visible areas, such as on the hands, can cause embarrassment. Verruca that emerge on the sole (plantar) of the foot can cause severe pain due to our body weight. Verruca are caused by a viral infection in which there […]

Foot Massage

Foot Massage The foot is probably the least thought of and most neglected region of our body. It continues to be last on our list of priorities when it comes to health care despite the fact that no matter what activities you are involved in your feet are constantly at work. Massage, and in particular a foot massage, is readily accessible, but still there are many who have not experi […]

Toe Nail Fungal Infections

Toe Nail Fungal Infections Essentially if you notice a thickened or discoloured nail that displays white, brown or yellowish areas, chances are you have a fungal infection of the toenail. This is not a sign of a lack of hygiene, and actually affects a large cross section of our population. Whilst we all know fungus as a mushroom it also occurs on our bodies as a micro-organism. Infecti […]

Type 2 diabetes

Simply explained, what is Type 2 diabetes? Type 2 diabetes is when the body does not produce enough insulin, or the cells in the body don’t recognise insulin. Insulin is like a key that unlocks the door on the cells for glucose to enter, providing the cell with energy. If our key, in this case insulin, isn’t present to unlock the doors, then the glucose stays in the blood. Of course ev […]


Blisters With the change of seasons and activities means a change of footwear into netball or football boots for example. This change increases the number cases of blisters. A blister caused by continued rubbing basically separates the top layer of skin (epidermis) from the lower level (dermis). This separation then fills up with a clear fluid. This process while due to friction forces […]