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Personal Statement:

Leah has a strong passion for health and fitness. Taking her love of fitness from the studio to the gym floor, her mission is to help you succeed. Achieve results by focusing on correct movement patterns and suitable training styles that are individually tailored for you.

Having a vast back ground in the fitness industry; from personal competitive sports, to young athlete coaching, to Group Fitness both in New Zealand and overseas, Leah is extremely interpersonal and knowledgeable, helping to motivate, educate, encourage and drive you towards your goals, whilst still maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

So, regardless of your fitness level, your gym experience or your perceived limitation, Leah is here to help you succeed.


  • Diploma in Fitness Training (AUT)
  • Bachelor of Sport and Recreation (AUT)
  • Certified TRX and Group TRX Trainer
  • Rumble Roller Trainer: Self Myofascial Release
  • SHURIKEN Mix Martial Arts Boxing Course


"My work out options and confidence at the gym has changed completely since having Leah train me. I used to go four times a week and only do classes not really knowing what else to do and was seeing no change. I’m now excited to get into my work outs and train that bit harder each time.
Leah has helped me achieve my goals and motivates me to keep pushing. With her enthusiasm and love for what she does it makes it easy to enjoy training. 
Since injuring my back in the last year I have had a rough time getting back on track and started off very limited on what I could do. Leah’s knowledge of the human form and function has been very obvious when working with me on strengthening my back and core. She has taught me how to set up and do exercises properly which has made such a difference and now I can do just about everything again.
Very pleased with Leah as my PT and would highly recommend."
Rebecca S.

"I started training with Leah just after my second child was born. I was nervous about getting back into working out as I had had 2 babies in under 2 years, both via c section.
Leah really made me feel comfortable and relaxed right away, each workout has been carefully put together, taking my physical limitations into account. 
I see Leah 3 times a week and each session is amazing! I am always being pushed and motivated to dig a little deeper and to really believe in myself. I find the sessions challenging, yet realistic for someone who has recently given birth. In the time that I have been training with her my fitness has really increased and so has my confidence.
I would highly recommend seeing Leah if you are after a kick ass trainer who will help you reach your full potential, while making you smile at the same time."
Sarah D.

"I love my weekly morning training session with Leah she is always bright and bubbly and its an awesome way to start my day.
I started seeing Leah during my pregnancy and her professional attitude has made me feel safe, comfortable and motivated throughout. The work outs are never the same and she is always guiding me with alternative options. I am looking forward to working with her post pregnancy to whip me back into shape. We always manage to have a laugh at some point in our workout - I would recommend her PT sessions to anyone."
Toni F.

"I cannot recommend Leah enough.
I have been training with Leah twice a week for 6 months and she is so enthusiastic, loads of fun and extremely knowledgeable about technique which is very important. It's no use doing exercises if you are doing them wrong, she says ,which makes sense.
I always look toward to each session despite the pain Leah inflicts! Just kidding!
Book some sessions with her and you'll soon agree with me."
Chris A.

Leah is here to motivate and educate