Personal Trainer




High Intensity Training for maximum results
Functional and Core Training
Strength Training


Certified Personal Trainer
Les Mills Certified RPM Instructor
Les Mills Certified CXWorx Instructor
Northern Arena F2 Instructor



Kylie leads by example, expecting the best performance from herself and her clients. Her group fitness classes at Northern Arena are regularly booked out due to her popularity as an instructor. Kylie genuinely enjoys helping people reach their fitness goals. She takes the time to connect with each individual then encourages them to exceed their own expectations.

Kylie provides personalised, goal driven training and mentoring sessions for all fitness levels, with proven, simple training methods that get results. You can rely on Kylie to help you discover your inner athlete. You are stronger than you think!


"Kylie kills me with her encouragement and I'm laughing when I'm dying. I am a different person because of you. You have been my life saving experience." Leonie Ferguson

"Kylie is 100% authentic. She pushes herself hard and it shows. She never expects anyone to do something she wouldn’t do herself and that challenges me to keep trying to beat her!" Steve Pinkerton

"At 50 years old I’m the fittest I’ve ever been. And it is all thanks to Kylie Russell. I trust her to know what I am capable of, and when we train 1 on 1 she is with me every step of the way. She even manages to make me laugh while I’m working harder than I ever thought possible." Kim Mundell


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