InBody Scan

InBody Scan


Accurately measure change in your body with an Inbody Body Composite Scan. Limited Space available.
The Scans will take place on Thursday 3 May. Please choose your time carefully



InBody Composition Scan

This Inbody composition scan will give you an overall view of your health, and accurately measures your body composition. This means you can see how the changes you make, impact your body inside and out. Total body weight alone is not a clear indication of a person's overall health as it does not distinguish the amount of fat or lean mass the body is fundamentally comprised of.

In less than 60 seconds this device can accurately measure the change in your body so you know once and for all how effective your journey is going. These scales measure:
  • Total Body Fat
  • Total Skeletal Muscle
  • Total Fat Mass
  • Visceral Fat
  • Total Body Water
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • + More

By using the Inbody scanner you are able to see the fat lost and the muscle gained, providing more accurate results.

Please choose your day and time slot. Limited numbers for each time available. The whole process will take 10 mins. The scans will take place at Northern Arena.