Northern Arena Swimming Race Day

Saturday 5 November – Warm up from 1:15pm – Racing starts 2pm

You are invited to take part in Swimming Races, Relays, Time trials & Tracking

Track your progress, race against the clock, in a team or on your own.  The Northern Arena Swimming Race Day gives you the chance to get involved in some friendly competition with friends, family or simply yourself.

Open to everyone who can swim 25m or more or Northern Arena Eels level and above. This includes all mums, dads, gym members and swim fitters.

Race Day provides the chance for Tuna and Sharks to move up a level and the 45minunte squads to test their pace.

On the Day

Warm up for Race Day with Coach John, Simon and Steve at 1:15pm. They will be doing a free practice session on dives, starts and finishes.

Each competitor can race in a maximum of 2 races plus one relay event.

$5 per competitor.