Swim School of the year

School Age Swimming Lessons

Children aged 5+ years

30 minute lessons   |   $19 per lesson (30 mins)   |   Max students per class 7
Penguins | Herrings | Sprats | Tarakihi | Eels

45 minute lessons   |   $19 per lesson (45 mins)   |   Max students per class 9
Super Snapper | Fur Seals | Wicked Whitebait | Hot Kahawai | Hector Dolphins | Manta Rays

60 minutes lessons Non-Competitive Stream   |   $19 per lesson (60 mins)
Sharks | Orca |  Senior Talent 

60 minutes lessons Competitive Stream  
Tuna ($19 per lesson)
Marlin (Minimum 2 x 60 mins lessons per week, $127 per month)

Once the kids are at school, their swimming skills begin to develop very quickly indeed. Swimming lessons at this age focus on developing a sound technical swimming base, so they are confident with all the different strokes. We continue to focus on water safety, building your child’s water confidence – whilst having fun!

The Northern Arena pools are purpose built to aid development of learning to swim. The swimming lesson programme structure complements progression through the levels as your child develops.

These levels as with all our swim school levels are set by ability rather than by age. This allows your child to move to the next level as soon as they have attained the required criteria.  Swimming classes run 7 days a week, all year round and are 30 minutes.

Joining The Swim School

The Northern Arena swimming classes run all year round (except over Christmas and New Year) and range in duration from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The swim class, direct debit, perpetual booking system is designed to make your life as easy as possible – removing the need to rebook and ensures that your space and booking continually rolls over. To find out more about our swimming lessons see here.

Join the swim school in 3 easy steps: 


Book an assessment here or call 09 421 9700 to book a FREE 5 minute swim assessment. Northern Arena’s learn to swim classes are set by ability rather than age, which is why we assess every child’s ability to ensure they begin swimming at the correct level within the swim school programme.  Each learn to swim assessment will only take 5-10 minutes where the instructor will ask your child to perform a few simple tasks in the water.



Once your child level has been established and you have read and understood the Northern Arena Swim School Term and Conditions see or call our reception team on 09 421 9700 to find a time and day which best suits you – subject to availability.


Complete a Northern Arena Swim School Direct Debit Authority Form – You can pay your fees from either a credit/debit card or a nominated bank account. Please complete a form below for your chosen option.

 Credit/Debit Card Authority Form

 Nominated Bank Account Authority Form


“its a nice place to come swimming here. Love from Anya age 7.”

“My son does kids lessons, I’ve done a block of adult swimming classes and the team and facilities that you have there are world-class. Trust me… I’ve tried two other swim schools (!)…. You guys are great.”
S. Lees

“Our daughter loves swimming every week and has been doing so since she was 5 months old and we don’t want to stop anytime soon. It has helped her development, co-ordination and social skills greatly and she looks forward to swimming each week.”

“So we had our first swimming lesson today at the Northern Arena it was FAB! My 1 year old enjoyed it immensely and we are so pleased to have been given the opportunity for those free lessons. The staff are friendly and helpful, the swim teacher gentle and skilled. Will be signing up again next term!”

“What a proud Mummy I was today. When my son started at Northern Arena at the beginning of term he couldn’t get his breathing right and could only do a few strokes at a time. Today he swam a full length of the big pool and 3/4 on his back. How great is that! Just shows what a great swim school it is!”
K. Gower-Kitch

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks and praise to my son\’s instructors they have been absolutely outstanding. My 6 YO has developed his technique, built his confidence, challenged him & now to my amazement he is now swimming several strokes unaided. He also recently had swimming lessons through Red Beach school which were a total success & worked well in conjunction with the after school classes…. My 3 YO who has had tears getting in the pool but she [teacher] has been so patient with him & has gained his trust while building his confidence in the pool & is now working on technique, again I was amazed today seeing a 3 YO trying to put arms, legs & breathing together. Both teachers have been amazing & I can\’t praise / thank them enough. The facilities are fantastic & although the cost of 2 kids lessons are a stretch you can\’t put a price on knowing how to swim & the Arena is doing a great job! Thanks so much!”
M. McDonald

“Well done the whole of the swim team. Never think that you are not doing a fantastic job. Your skills, knowledge and enthusiasm are changing the lives of hundreds of children in our community.” “I just wanted to congratulate our swim teacher on an amazing job with my son in his swimming lessons. On the first day 4 weeks back he screamed the place down for 28 out of 30 minutes, but they took it all in their stride doing her best to distract him. On the second weekend, she convinced him to get into the water and before he knew it she had him walking around in the pool chasing various objects. On the third weekend he was really looking forward to seeing them again and loved every minute. On Saturday just gone (his fourth lesson) they managed to get him to fully put his head under the water. What a transformation! Through her determined and measured approach she has managed to convince my head strong, independent child to do things well outside of his comfort zone. (We have a spa at home and he loves going into the sea, so I’m not sure what freaked him out about his lessons).
C. Arkell

“They are just amazing at Northern Arena the teachers have the patients of saints.”
K. Bellchambers

“They are amazing there! My daughter regressed this term to the point of her not wanting to go at all but they worked with her and my husband (who takes her to swimming) one on one until she was back to the stage of her being happy to join her group class again.”
K. Sanderson

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Give us a call on 094219700 or simply complete this form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. To get a feel for Northern Arena take a video tour or pop in and see us on the corner of Whangaparaoa Road and the Hibiscus Coast Highway. We’d love to show you around and answer any questions.

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