Cancellation of Swimming Lessons

Cancellation of Swimming Lessons

If you wish to cancel either you, or your child/children’s swimming lessons, we require 3 weeks’ notice in order to cancel your payments.

You Must Cancel if Not Returning the Following Term – 3 Weeks’ Notice Required

Our lessons are perpetual, meaning that you are automatically booked into the same time slot the following term, thus saving you the hassle of having to rebook each term. Please note that 3 weeks’ notice is required if you do not wish to continue lessons in the following term.

Exceptional Circumstances
Under the following exceptional circumstances the 3 week notification of cancellation requirement will be waived:

a. The participant becomes sick or is incapacitated and a medical certificate is provided

b. You are judged bankrupt by a New Zealand Court. Prior to cancelling we will require appropriate evidence that you have been declared bankrupt.

Cancellation Form

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Please note: As per section 6.6 of the Northern Arena Swim School Terms and Conditions a standard rate of 3 weeks' notice will be charged from the date of cancellation.

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