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Please complete the enrolment form below before your first visit to the Northern Arena Supervised Play Area to ensure we know everything that needs to be known about your child.

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Policies & Regulations

Please read our policies and regulations carefully before booking or using our Limited Attendance Supervised Play Area.


Northern Arena Studio Two, 8 Polarity Rise, Silverdale

Hours of Operation – MONDAY TO FRIDAY

  • Session 1: 9:15am – 10:15am
  • Session 2: 10:15am ‐11:15am


  • 2 x under 2’s – staffing 1:2 ratio
  • 4 x over 2’s under 8 years – staffing 1:4 ratio


You must complete an enrolment form before your first booking. We also need to take a copy of your child’s immunisation record, although we do take children who have not been immunized. The information gathered about your child will be kept in the strictest confidence. Please let Louise know if you change contact details so that we can keep your details current.


Bookings can be made online through the Northern Arena Website. Phone bookings for the day can be made after 8am by calling reception on 09 421 9700.

Payment for the bookings is to be made at reception before your session.


Cancelations must be made by 7am the day of your booking to avoid being charged for the session.

Please phone reception on 09 421 9700 to cancel.


  • Concession Cards: $50 for any 10 sessions. $85 for any 20 sessions
  • Casual: $10 per child, per session


If there are no spaces available online for the session you would like to book, please fill in a waitlist and we will call as soon as a space becomes available and endeavour to give you as much notice as possible so that you can get in and workout.


Children who take medication on a regular basis must have

a signed medication action plan which allows us to administer this medication, such as ventolin inhalers. No medication should be left in children’s bags.

Child Illness

We are committed to trying to eliminate child illness within Northern Arena. We ask if your child has any of the following symptoms you keep them at home until they have cleared:

  • Vomiting and/or diarrhoea in the last 48 hours
  • A high temperature
  • An unidentified rash
  • Inflamed throat or eyes
  • Coughing / spluttering
  • Green runny nose
  • School sores / open wounds
  • Hand, foot and mouth
  • General un-wellness of your children

Please do not be offended if you are denied access to the centre or you are called back during your workout if your child becomes distressed. We are only preventing the spread of illness amongst the other children and staff.

Sign In / Sign Out

The centre has a daily register where you sign your child/ren in and out please make sure you remember to do this!

Under no circumstances can you leave Northern Arena whilst your child is in the centre. You may only utilise the gym, physio, café, swim fit and group fitness classes.

Child’s Needs

Please provide a change of clothing and feeders if required. Wet wipes and disposable nappies must be provided for your child. Please provide a named healthy snack, e.g. fruit, sandwich, raisins, cheese etc… and a drink for your child.

Due to some children’s allergies we are a nut free zone.

All of these items should be kept in your child’s named Bag.

Settling Children In

Please talk to staff regarding settling in requirements for your child. Each child will have their own settling needs and it is important that staff can plan with parents to meet these.

Disposable Changing and Toileting

Please ensure that when you leave your child at the childcare they are wearing a clean dry disposable. If you specifically wish your child to be changed during their time with us please advise staff of this by writing on the whiteboard provided, along with the approximate time. Staff will make regular disposable checks, but unless your child is obviously wet or soiled and you have not written your child’s requirements on the whiteboard, staff will not change your child’s disposable. If you are changing your child at the childcare please use the change mat provided, not the floor. If your child is toilet training, please follow the above procedure and tell a staff member of your child’s toileting needs. If you do forget your disposables, they can be purchased at reception for $2.

Evacuation Procedure

Please do not attempt to return to the childcare after the alarm has sounded. After you have evacuated we will meet you in the assembly area in the Northern Arena Car Park. In the event of an earthquake, staff will assist children to drop and cover and attempt to keep children calm, begin any first aid and wait for help to arrive.


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