Gym Membership Suspension

At Northern Arena we understand that things can happen which stop you from from using your membership, which is why we let you put your membership on hold while you have a break, travel, recover from an injury or for nearly any reason at all.

Some key things to remember as stated in your gym membership agreement are:

4.10 Suspension of your membership fees

a. If you join for a minimum period longer than 6 months, then during the minimum period you may suspend your membership without further cost for a maximum of 3 months during each 12 month calendar period. A year commences on the anniversary of the date when you commenced your membership. You are not entitled to accumulate suspension entitlements not take during a particular year.

The minimum duration of suspension for this category of membership is one month to a maximum of 3 months at any one time.

b. If you hold a 6 month DD or Lump Sum membership agreement, you may suspend your membership for either medical or travel reasons. Your application will need to be supported by a medical certificate or flight itinerary. The minimum duration of suspension for this category of membership is 1 month to a maximum of 2 months.

Once you have exercised the option to suspend your membership payments, the duration of your suspension period will be added to the minimum term of your membership. E.g. If you have a 12month DD membership and you suspend for 1month, that period will be added on to the minimum term of your membership. 

If you hold a 3 month membership you will not be entitled to exercise the suspension options. Further extensions to the above periods will be looked at on a case by case basis. You must give us one week’s written notice of your intention to suspend your membership.

Membership Suspension Form

Please complete the form below for us to process/ approve your membership suspension. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

7 days’ notice must be given to Northern Arena for a suspension to be processed.

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During the specified period you will not be charged for your membership but as fees are processed in advance (on the 21st of each month) a payment or partial payment may occur during your suspension period. I understand that at the end of my suspension period my membership will automatically restart. I understand that while within the minimum period of my contract any suspension term used will be added to the end of my contract period.

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