Ladies in Northern Arena Gym

Membership Details

Check out some of the key information below covering your membeship agreement

Membership Agreement

Lost your copy of your membership agreement. See here for a general copy of our membership agreement.

14 Day Comfort Guarantee

We offer a 14 day comfort guarantee which starts from the date you join (not the starting date of your membership). To cancel your membership, you must tell us in writing that you want to cancel your membership during your 14 day comfort guarantee period. We will then cancel your agreement and refund any dues paid during that period – all you will have paid is your non-refundable joining fee.

Change of Details

Please advise us of any changes of your contact details including phone numbers or postal and email addresses.

Payment Forms

Please see here for information to help understand our payment structure. The payment of fees are by making regular monthly payments by direct debit from either a credit card or nominated bank account.

Membership Suspensions

Under certain circumstances, memberships can be suspended in multiples of 1 month up to a maximum of 3 month, each calendar year. Please note that 7 days’ notice is required in order to suspend your membership. You can request a suspension of your membership, by calling reception on 09 4219700 or using our online contact form here or visiting reception.

NOTE: If you are within minimum agreement, a suspension is not classified as a full payment toward your minimum agreement period.

See here to complete our membership suspension form

Membership Cancellations

If you are outside of the 14 day comfort guarantee you are required to give 30 days’ notice of termination. You may cancel at any time provided you have reached your minimum contract period.

We will be sad to see you go, but if you wish to cancel your membership with us at Northern Arena, as stipulated in Northern Arena’s membership terms and conditions, memberships that are paid for by regular payment option (Direct debit) do not automatically expire at the end of their minimum term. You must contact Northern Arena and let us know that you no longer wish to continue your membership.

See here to complete our membership cancellation form

NOTE: In all scenarios, please ensure you give us your email address so we can confirm your request in writing via email. Please keep a copy of your cancellation email.

For all the details concerning cancelling please refer to our Terms and Conditions.