Grandad teaching kid to surf

Summer Memories are Made in Winter

Don't throw your health and wellness aside just because it's winter and you're not out and about as much in the winter. Make a difference to your health and fitness by getting in shape now for those long hot summer days with the grand kids at the beach! Summer is only just around the corner so kick start feeling great and when summer hits you can focus on creating some great memories! 

The summer countdown is on, so it's time hit the gym! No matter whether you like to dive in for a swim, build strength in the gym or workout in group fitness and functional training. We've got it all ready to go to get you motivated and where you want to be!

Winter Joining Special

Embrace Summer and join anytime during July. 

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Only $15 per week 
6 month minimum term

Terms and conditions apply. Must be 65 Years of age.

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