Your Exercise Options

Whether you want to lose weight, look better, tone up, feel better about yourself, enhance your fitness, build strength, work on your flexibility or improve your overall health and well being, we’ve got an exercise option for you.

Les Mills Group Fitness

Les Mills Girt
Les Mills

Group fitness classes are a fun, effective and exciting way to stay fit and there’s no better way to keep you motivated than World leaders in Group Fitness, Les Mills. Our group fitness studios will stimulate all of your senses so get social and jump into a Les Mills Group Fitness class. Build strength in BodyPump, find your inner bliss at BodyBalance, push yourself to your max, and beyond with LES MILLS GRIT™ Series, burn rubber in our RPM and Sprint room with an awe inspiring mural to keep you peddling and lots more. It’s all about making your workout exciting and fun and no matter what type of exercise you like, the there’s a Les Mills group fitness class for everyone at Northern Arena the only thing that is missing is you!

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F2 FUNctional Training

Train the FUNctional way with 30 minute express classes for every level with F2 Results Driven Functional Training. 

Embrace functional fitness and and put the fun back into every day life! Let us get you moving and team train you in a way that offer variety and deliver results in fun ways you never thought possible! Classes range from base level up to more intense workout in a Max sessions, with new and more diverse classes being added all the time.  The F2 adult playground, suitable for all levels and abilities is waiting for YOU to get training to enhance your everyday life!

Check out more here including an amazing dynamic 360 degree video showing just a snippet of what can be achieved with F2. 

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Swim in a group or on your own, train for an Ironman or just improve your fitness with a Swim session suitable for everyone no matter your age or ability. Unlike many swimming pools we don’t just have a lifeguard, when you swim at Northern Arena there is an expert coach on hand to help to correct your swimming technique, set you a swimming programme and to help you get the best out of swimming.

Everybody knows that swimming is the best form of aerobic exercise you can do. No other aerobic exercise offers a full body workout with very little body impact, so it’s a great way to burn calories and to keep weight under control. Swimming helps build, strengthen and tone muscle and works stiff muscles and sore joints. Swimming puts the body through a wide range of motions that help joints and ligaments stay loose and flexible and it has been shown to improve the strength of your bones. On top of all this it can improve cholesterol, make you happy with the release of endorphins and has shown to help people who suffer from asthma attacks.

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Yoga Logo 

Find your inner bliss with a combination of Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga at Northern Arena, North Shore, Auckland.

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30 Minute HIIT

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 with Circuit Training classes. Get in, get out and get results fast with 30 min High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT ) exercise at Northern Arena, Silverdale. Energise your body with short bursts of maximum exertion using free weights and body weight moves and cardiovascular training. This is team training with your coach right down on the floor with you, motivating you and the team for an intense 30 minutes, you won’t believe how hard you can work out. Get much fitter, faster – while spending no extra time on your workouts.

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AquaFit Logo 

Aqua Fit is quite simply for all ages and fitness levels, and is the ideal way to shape up whilst supporting your joints and muscles. Aqua Aerobic classes, similar to land aerobics, are a fun way of keeping fit and flexible in chest-deep water rather than in a studio. Splash your way to a healthier body in Aqua Fit (Aqua Aerobics).

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BoxFit Logo 

Take your gym training to the next level and train outside your comfort zone by joining our boxing gym instructors for their Box Fit group training classes at Northern Arena. Boxing is a great form of fitness encompassing a full body workout for your upper body, lower body and core. Feel fitter and stronger than ever. 

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Personal Training

Personal Trainers Logo

If you want extra motivation, complete variation in your workout and accountability to help you get to where you want to be and stay there, a personal trainer is exactly what you need.  Your personal trainer will be highly trained and will work with you to find out your goals, how to get there and what day, time and frequency that fits in with your busy schedule. You can train 1-on-1 or if you have a few friends to train with you in a small group. Your fitness trainer will keep training sessions upbeat, engaging and effective so you’ll look forward to coming back for more.

To find a trainer that works best for you see here

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Self Train

The Northern Arena gym is filled with a large variety of strength and fitness equipment from Life Fitness with resistance machines and free weights for bodybuilding, strength and toning workouts. Functional training is covered with the Queenax Functional Training Rig equipped with battle ropes, boxing bags, kettle bells and lots more. All this and more including a full range of high-tech cardio equipment with integrated Sky TV and iPod connectivity including rowing machines, treadmills, bikes, recumbent bikes and cross-trainers, which lets you control the intensity of your training programme.

It doesn’t matter whether you know what you are doing or you have never set foot in a gym before, the best way to get into the gym at Northern Arena is with a gym explorer. We will take you through a gym explorer introducing you to the cardio machines and weight machines leaving you with the tools to extend your training abilities. We are also here to help keep you motivated so if your training is needing a refresher book yourself in to a Gym Motivator session.

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Speak to the Team

The best way to get a feel for Northern Arena and ensure it is the right gym for you is to meet with a membership consultant who will take you through your options and find out which fitness membership is perfect for you.

Book in a fitness facility tour here or take a full facility video tour to get a feel for Northern Arena. Otherwise pop in and see us, give us a call on 09 421 9700 or complete the form below, we’d love to show you around.


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