For 15 years, I spent time traveling around the world experiencing different cultures and gathering wisdom.  I have now settled in New Zealand with my lovely husband and 5 year old son who also share a love for yoga. I come from a strong competitive sporting background and fitness leadership.  About 2001, I found yoga to relieve stress and open up tight muscles and support my back.  Quickly I discovered yoga was SO much more, and was drawn to teach yoga to share what I love.  My personal mantra is ahimsa – loving kindness and gratitude.

Why I practice: Yoga has helped me in so many ways and profoundly touched me. I have gratitude for the incredible yogis that have shared teachings with me on my yoga journey.  Every time I roll out my mat – whether it is to teach or practice yoga – I learn and grow.

Why I teach: I thought that if I could help just one other person the way it helped me, then the entire journey sharing yoga teachings would be worthwhile.  As a part of this great lineage of yoga I serve, give, share, and honour the divine light in each yogi. I like to encourage each student to practice “their own yoga” honouring the body and mind in the moment. The breath is the yoga.