Improve your functional fitness

F2 Base Functional Training Classes

Get out of your daily grind and put the fun back into everyday life. Improve your technique and base strength by focusing on basic functional movement including core and rehabilitation exercises. This class combines a mix of body weighted exercises with suspension training to enhance your balance, stability and core strength. 

F2 classes are of varied intensity, with different fitness level options making them suitable for all abilities and specifically designed so everybody works to their own limits. 

All equipment is provided including super-functional suspension bars, Crankit suspension straps, battle ropes, medicine balls, slam balls and much more.

Classes are limited for superior coaching and more personal experiences. Bookings are essential for these classes.

Functional training is about improving the way we perform and move in everyday life and sports. A functional workout focuses on increasing your proficiency in key body movements like pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting, rotating, carrying, and simply walking and running. It will help correct your posture with exercises that engage core stability, improving your balance and flexibility. It will challenge your whole body and develop quick and reactive muscles as your mind and body connect.

F2 is a style of training that offers variety and delivers results that can be measured in everyday life.  The F2 adult playground is waiting for YOU!

Builds Strength

Encourages Weight Loss




Get Lean and Toned

Get Moving and Social

Improves Fitness

Live A
Healthier Lifestyle



Meet The Team



“I have been absolutely blown away by the results that I’ve seen and I can 100% say it’s down to the F2 room.”

“It has 100% boosted my own self confidence at the gym.”


“I love and appreciate the encouragement and diversity of activities from the range of the instructors who teach in the room.”


“Every session is different and challenging in its own way and the instructors are so passionate about what they do that they make your 30minutes in there a blast.”


“The F2 room absolutely ROCKS!!”


“The functional training room has enhanced my core and functional strength phenomenally and is so much fun.”

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