Exercise Tips

How to programme your ideal workout week

How to programme your ideal workout week Take a look back over your past 4 weeks – Have you come consistently to the gym? Has each week looked similar to the last? Do you attend the same classes, at the same time every week? Maybe you struggle to find a rhythm or stay on track for one week, but fall off the bandwagon the next? It’s no secret, planning is the best way to stay […]

Get the benefits of exercise BETWEEN workouts

Get the benefits of exercise BETWEEN workouts! HIIT, Weights, Cardio, Personal Training, Yoga, Your favourite gym class? There’s no denying its doing good for you- but 30 minutes of moving cannot completely combat a full day of being sedentary. We all are aware its easy to ruin the positive effects of our exercise efforts, but it's also surprisingly easy to dial up the benefits […]

6 Reasons You May Not See Results

6 Reasons You May Not See Results You eat a well-balanced diet, stay active and look after your health- why do your results not match your lifestyle? The answer to seeing better results from your efforts may be simpler than you first thought. Your health and well-being is just like a house: without all four walls, the floor and a roof- the house will not stand tall and strong. It is i […]

5 reasons to exercise in winter

5 reasons to exercise in winter Lost your exercise mojo? Just in case you needed more motivation to hit the gym today – here are our 5 reasons to get moving over the winter months! 1) Summer bodies are made in Winter  We’ve all been there before – the colder months encourage us to stock up on comfort foods and stay indoors rugged up on the couch. Next thing you kn […]

Five ways to set up a healthy morning routine

Five ways to set up a healthy morning routine By Healthy Always Our morning time is quite precious – it offers a breathing space before we jump into the colourful outside world. Starting our mornings with the right tone can make a massive difference to energy levels, productivity at work, and how we perceive the day ahead. We can linger in bed, aggressively hitting the alarm cloc […]

The truth about compression clothing

The truth about compression clothing Compression garments are touted as the secret to increasing muscle power and optimizing athletic performance – science or hype? Don a pair of compression tights and you won’t just look like a serious athlete, many believe that this ultra-tight gear will help boost your athleticism too.  David Cox comes to the conclusion that whil […]

Keeping life sweet without the sugar

10 STEPS TO CUTTING YOUR SUGAR INTAKE Watch those drinks Most people would gag at the thought of swallowing nine teaspoons of sugar. But that’s what’s in a typical sugar-sweetened fizzy drink. Also, many drinks claiming to contain natural fruits, to be preservative-free or rich in vitamins and minerals pack the same sugar punch as major brand sugary drinks. Eradicate all s […]

How to do the perfect lunge

Gym instructor at Northern Arena, Silverdale, takes you through the correct way to perform a lunge. Offering tips for correct form.

When is the ideal time to workout?

When is the ideal time to workout? Are you better off to get your exercise done at dawn, or should you exhaust yourself in the evening? The truth is there’s no credible scientific evidence to sway you either way. There are numerous studies designed to unearth the ideal time to exercise, but there is no definitive proof that it is better to exercise at morning, noon or night. &lsq […]

Can Les Mills GRIT help you get a flat stomach?

A flat stomach can play hard to get for both genders. It’s a soft spot that can be one of the hardest to tone up, but recent research highlights one method that works better than most. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is known to burn serious amounts of fat, seriously fast. But not just any fat. New research shows that specific forms of high-intensity interval training can […]