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Aqua Aerobic classes, similar to land aerobics, are a fun way of keeping fit and flexible. Shape up whilst supporting your joints and muscles and keep the all important heart and lungs in tip-top condition with a cardiovascular workout. 

Our instructor will keep you motivated and moving to the beat of the music throughout the whole class. Don’t worry if you can’t swim, you won’t be out of your depth as the water will only come to chest height. 

Exercising in water improves your strength and mobility and is highly recommended to help with arthritis, obesity, easing back into exercise after an injury, as well as being a safe workout if you have a dodgy back or knees. 

Exercise Type: Aqua Aerobics 

Intensity: Low - Medium intensity 

Equipment: Swim Caps are compulsory  

Results: Improves heart and lungs condition. Strengthens and tones body increasing mobility. 


Note: All bookings are subject to confirmation. Activities are usually on a first-come first-served basis and a place on any given activity is not guaranteed. In the event your preferred event is booked out we will contact you with an alternative.