Push Your Limits


Tone your body and maximize your stamina.

A full-on, high-energy cardio and endurance workout that pushes you to the limit every time.  The Northern Arena group circuit training classes are a constantly varied, energising combination of cardiovascular exercise and high repetition free weights and body weight moves.

Northern Arena Circuit is the perfect group fitness class for you if you are a sports person looking for cross-training and variation to help improve overall fitness.  This Circuit class concentrates on functional movements performed at a high intensity, combined with an awesome cardio workout utilising a number of simple exercises. These activities include running, sprinting, skipping, jumping, bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, medicine balls, barbells, dumbells and an exercise of the day challenge.

This High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout will increase your fitness while enhancing muscle stamina & tone. This is also a great team training class for anyone with limited time to spend at the gym as you will get a whole body workout in just 30 minutes.

All equipment is provided, so all you need is comfortable workout clothes, supportive shoes, a drink bottle and a sweat towel.

Circuit is for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. The moves are simple and there are low-impact options, meaning you choose the intensity. You will soon experience the benefits of increased cardio and functional fitness.

Research shows that the secret to getting fit for life is a slow build up, so we recommend starting with 1 class a week and working your way up from there.

Equipment Provided

Improves Fitness

Get Lean and Toned

Encourages Weight Loss



Circuit is a whole body workout that burns calories while toning and shaping. You’ll:

  • build stamina

  • improve agility

  • improve cardiovascular fitness

  • increase heart and lung capacity

  • burn calories at a fast and furious rate

  • improve overall strength and endurance

  • improve co-ordination

  • get quicker off the mark in everything you do



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