Smash Your Goals


Feel fitter and stronger than ever!

Take your gym training to the next level and train outside your comfort zone by joining our boxing gym instructors for their BoxFit group training classes at Northern Arena. Boxing is a great form of fitness encompassing a full body workout for your upper body, lower body and core. 

Trim, tone and improve your fitness levels during the 45 minute boxing fitness class where you can expect to spend time refining your punching technique, improving your speed and the power of punches while learning various combinations on the boxing pads. This group fit boxing class accommodates all levels of strength and fitness from beginners through to advanced participants.

These 45 minute group classes are of a moderate to high intensity and will improve your agility, co-ordination, strength and endurance, heart and lung fitness.

All boxing gloves, skipping ropes and boxing pads are provided, but please bring a towel and feel free to bring your own gloves and wraps for your own comfort.

Skip, hook and jab yourself to feeling fitter and stronger than ever.


Improves Fitness

Get Moving and Social

Get Lean and Toned

Encourages Weight Loss

Builds Strength



  • Builds strength

  • Encourages weight loss

  • Gets you lean and toned

  • Helps gets you moving and social

  • Improve heart and lung fitness


“A great class for an energy boost and to smash out a bit of stress”

“Boxfit is so much fun, I love the variety I get from this class and the instructors are great”



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