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Whilst using the swim school, your health and safety is our no1 priority, which is why extensive work has been done on our swimming lesson timetable. What this means is that if you were booked into the swim school before lockdown we require you to rebook yourself a new lesson day and time. 

The exciting news is that we’ve been super busy creating an online portal for your swim school bookings. If you're a current Northern Arena swim school member booking your lessons couldn’t be easier.


Your brand spanking new online swim school portal means you can now:

  • Book your new class day and time 

  • View your current bookings day, time and level 

  • Update your contact details 

  • Make payments and update payment information 

  • Mark yourself as absent for a lesson 

  • Book a make-up lesson ​

We are working on future features including:

  • Being able to cancel your booking (you are currently still required to contact reception).

  • Moving days/times/classes yourself

Please Note: 

  • You will be able to re-book straight back into the swim school where you left off even if you have taken a break within the past 12 months. 

  • If you have taken a break for more than 12 months you will be able to book directly into an assessment class and once an assessment is complete, you will be able to book into your assessed level online. 

We will continue to keep you updated on any changes and updates to the portal as they happen.
All you need to do now is create your account and rebook!



I’m new to Northern Arena, how do I know what level my child should start in?
To start at Northern Arena for the first time, simply book a FREE assessment through your account or can call our friendly reception team on (09) 421 9700.

The class/time/day I want isn’t showing, what should I do now?
The class you are wanting may not be available, please contact our friendly reception team on (09) 421 9700 or email them on info@northernarena.co.nz, and they will do what they can do help you find a suitable class.


What is the difference between a ‘monthly’ and ‘quarterly’ booking?

  • A monthly booking is a perpetual booking. This booking is an on-going booking which you are charged once a month via direct debit. This means you will hold your space until you tell us otherwise.

  • A Quarterly booking is an upfront booking that you are charged for at the beginning of each new quarter. You are booked for the period until the end of that Quarter. You will be required to re-book each quarter to retain your space.

What classes does my account display?
You account shows your children’s and/or your own current swim school level.

My child moved up classes today, how can I change my level online?
At this stage you can’t change your level online. To change your level, please see the reception team when you are next at Northern Arena with the ‘move-up’ form you were given by the Deck Supervisor.


How many Make-Up lessons can I book online?
As per our Terms & Conditions you may book one make-up lesson per Quarter. These can be booked online and are restricted to 48 hours in advance only.


I want to change my bookings day; how can I do this online?
At this stage you can’t move days online. To do so, please contact our friendly reception team on (09) 421 9700 or email them on info@northernarena.co.nz, and they will do what they can do help you find a suitable class.


My child has had a break from lessons, can I book straight back in?
Yes! For a period of 12 months prior to your cancellation, you can book back into your current swim school level online.

If you are outside the 12-month period, you will need to book an assessment class to re-assess your child to the appropriate level. To book an assessment you can book an assessment online through your account or call our friendly reception team on (09) 421 9700.

I want to cancel my class, how do I do it online?
At this stage you can’t cancel online. To cancel, please see our friendly reception team the next time you are at Northern Arena. Alternatively, you can call our friendly reception team on (09) 421 9700 and they will be able to help you out. A 3-week notice period is required when cancelling your Northern Arena booking.

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