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Aqua Aerobics

For all ages and fitness levels, AquaFit is the ideal way to shape up whilst supporting your joints and muscles. Aqua Aerobics classes, similar to land aerobics, are a fun way of keeping fit and flexible.

Aqua Aerobics not only keeps the all important heart and lungs in tip-top condition with a cardiovascular workout, but it also strengthens and tones your body as a form of resistance training. The water resistance means that you’ll use far more energy, but with less strain on your muscles and joints.  So not only is it a fun way to shape up, but the water supports 90% of your body weight as you do it, making it gentle and painless.

Exercising in the water improves your strength and mobility and is highly recommended to help with arthritis, obesity, easing back into exercise after an injury, as well as being a safe workout if you have a dodgy back or knees.

This 45 minute class is a fun way to improve your strength, tone your body and increase your mobility without adding stress on your joints.   

All levels and abilities are welcome so get motivated and moving in an exhilarating aerobic workout in the water.

Please bring a towel, togs  and a swim cap as they are compulsoary.

Encourages Weight Loss

Get Lean and Toned

Get Moving and Social

Great For

Improves Fitness

Improves Wellbeing

In The Pool

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Healthier Lifestyle


Swimming Pools

We pride ourselves on our four, cutting-edge, beautiful swimming pools. Discover why you should make a splash in our crystal clear water.

In order to maintain high levels of cleanliness, swimming caps are compulsory. We have a variety of swimming caps on sale in our Speedo shop, both online and onsite.


All four of our swimming pools, crafted in Italy, were designed and built with swim training in mind.


All swimming pools are treated by ultra violet light in a manner similar to the way drinking water is treated, which allows for extremely low levels of chlorine. This is much easier on your skin, hair, eyes and togs.


People with disabilities are catered for spacious changing rooms, showers with pools set flush with the floor for easy access. Plus take a quick wash in our conviently placed poolside showers to stay fresh before and after a swim. 


Walk, aqua jog or swim at your own leisure whatever your ability. Start and finish at any time during the members only swim times with expert swim coaches on-hand to help with swim stroke and swimming technique - Don't be afraid to ask them for their expert advice.


Our swimming pools are all indoor, heated and surrounded with an anti-slip floor for your safety. The pool environment is designed so everyone remains warm and comfortable. 


Our 8-lane training swimming pool is under the same roof, but is housed separately. It is set up for better swim training and is equipped with dive blocks. The 8-lane swimming pool comes with its own high tech sound system.


There is nothing worse than not being able to hear what is being said, which is why we’ve added sound dampeners to eliminate echo.


The swimming pools are relatively shallow ranging from 0.7-1.1 metres enhancing the safety for swimmers of all ages. 



Meet The Team


“The aqua classes are really fun and a great way to meet up with my friends ”

“These classes were great for me to ease back into exercise whilst still challenging myself”


“The facilities are amazing, so clean and the water is crystal clear.”


“Love the minimal use of chlorine, it feels so much better on my skin”

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