Sugar Free 14 - Are You Sweet As?


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Sugar is a huge contributor to ill health and diet related diseases such as diabetes, inflammation, obesity and heart disease. The average New Zealander eats 37 teaspoons of sugar per day! That’s 54 kilograms per year!

Do you really know how much sugar is in your everyday food? 

Join us and go Sugar Free for 14 days. We’ll teach you how to read a food label so you know what you are eating. Get you moving in the gym and feeling great.

As a Northern Arena Member this program is included in your current membership, but you must register. As a non-member you will gain access to the Northern Arena Gym and all the group classes that we provide for only $14 - so let your hubby, bestie, nan's dog know!

What is Sugar Free 14?

Sugar Free 14 is about eating whole and non-packaged foods that are low in natural sugars, in place of highly processed sugar laden food. There are plenty of hidden sugars in the foods we eat daily, such as sauces, cereals and muesli bars. It is important to understand how much sugar you are really eating in your everyday foods!

The program includes:

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