Foggies Anti-Fog Cleaning Towelett

Foggies Anti-Fog Cleaning Towelett


FOGGIES is unique - it is the only anti-fog towelette that actually cleans the lens while defogging. Tested and approved by numerous athletes FOGGIES is perfect for swim snowboard and ski goggles as well as scuba masks and will leave you with crystal clear vision! Simply wipe FOGGIES onto your dry lens then let dry. Results are crystal clear lens that will not fog up. We are so confident that you will love FOGGIES we know you will never go back to using anti-fog drops again. Keeping the wipe air tight will allow 6-8 applications. Sold as singles units only.


Foggies Individual Towelettes

  • Defoggs and cleans swim goggle lens
  • Sold as singles units only.