Exercise Tips

Splash out of your comfort zone!

Swimming is a great low impact full body workout! It can be a very intensive activity due to the breathing challenges that all swimmers face, so it pays to start in short distances and do a few short distance swims to get started. You can then increase your distance over time. Due to the clocks and measured distances, it’s really easy for you to keep track of your improvement. I al[…]

Is 30 minutes enough?

Is 30 minutes enough? Short and sweet, the answer is YES.  If you're time poor or just lack of motivation to do a full 60 minute workout, the great news you do not need to abandon exercise altogether! Grab your mates and get a fully effective workout in, in just 30 mins.  At Northern Arena, we have identified that the fitness industry is changing, and we know that it's tri[…]

You time... it's important

You Time - Health & Well-being 1 hour a week. That is all we ask…… All we ask to not only see improvements in your balance and flexibility but also the well-being of recharging your mind and body. It's understandable that some of you feel like Yoga and Body Balance are not a top priority in your fitness regime but they sure as hell should be! Yes there is […]

Mixing it up

Why it's important to mix up your workouts The change in seasons is the perfect time to explore a new fitness regime.  We have such a cool, diverse range of classes and activities to take you out of your comfort zone and re-energise your training programmes. Here’s why it is so important to mix it up: Avoid Fitness Plateau Nobody wants their fitness workouts to become […]

Have You Got The Right Equation?

HAVE YOU GOT THE RIGHT EQUATION? CARDIO FOR FAT LOSS Do you do low intensity steady state cardio (LISS) in the hope that it will shed fat and leave you with the lean physique you are after?  LISS just might not be the right equation for you and actually you could feel better, look better, get fitter and save time by switching things up.  There’s a huge amount of research to say it may […]

Basic Dead Lift

The deadlift, whilst it kind of sounds a little scary, it’s a lift that every man and woman should learn to do well.  Why?  Because lifting, whether it’s groceries, children, dogs, washing baskets or the likes, is an integral part of most of our lives and doing it correctly certainly helps to decrease our risk of injury and dysfunction.  We’ve all heard the old adage don’t use your back […]

Pull Ups

Often thought of as an exercise only men can do, the pull up is invaluable to men and women and once mastered you can do it just about anywhere. This month we will give you options so you can master the unassisted full version of this exercise. As you master each stage, move on to the next and before you know it (okay it may take you a good couple of months) you will be performing ful[…]

Body Row

Body Row The body row is a great pulling exercise which can be performed with a set of rings, a barbell on a squat rack, or at a park on a set of low parallel bars. Set the bar/rings/TRX at a height that allows the arms to be fully extended with the shoulders barely raised off the floor. Bear in mind that the higher the bar, the easier the exercise Stage One: Lie on the f[…]

Standing Single Leg Medicine Ball Twist

Standing Single Leg Medicine Ball Twist   Stage One: Stand on your right leg and hold a medicine ball in front of you at arm's length. Keep a slight bend in your elbows. Stage Two: Rotate the medicine ball as far to the right as you can. Keep your head and core in the same position – let the muscles of your core rotate around your spine. Do six reps on […]

T Stabiliser Push Ups

T Stabiliser Push Ups Stage One: Get into a push-up position, hands slightly wider than shoulder width. tip - set your feet hip width apart Stage Two: Perform one push up by lowering your body until your chest nearly touches the floor Stage Three: As you lift yourself back up shift your weight to your left hand and rotate your body, raising your right[…]